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About us.

In 1986, Performance Cycle was founded by Mike Briggs out of his passion for motorcycles. The shop continues on today as a full service motorcycle shop, bringing you the best in performance and maintenance. We specialize in all brands of Japanese bikes / KTMs and Triumph. Our experienced staff is here to help you with all of your questions and concerns. At Performance Cycle, "Good Old-Fashioned Service" is just the way we do business!

What to expect.

First: We get instructions from you highlighting you needs and concerns.

Second: The bike is inspected to ascertain its current condition, at which time we address your concerns.

Third: An estimate is prepared, which includes an explanation of the work, categorized to its severity; we then contact you and go over the work, if needed you are invited to visit the shop to meet with a technician who can answer your questions, and to go through your estimate.

Fourth: We agree on the price and record the authorization amount, we then record the delivery date and time. Only now will the agreed-on work begin. Should it for any reason, not meet our commitment, you are contacted, updated and if needed, a new authorization is taken. Only then do we continue.

Our estimates include shop supplies and taxes. (no hidden costs). You always know up front what the price is before we begin the work, and you never pay more than the authorized amount. (no surprises). Your bike is completed on the date and time we agree on. We do this in order to deliver a quality product on time and on budget.

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