Our estimates always include shop supplies and taxes. (no hidden costs). You always know up front what the price is before we begin any work, you never pay more than the authorized amount. (no surprises). You're vehicle is completed on the date and time we agree on !


First: We get instructions from you highlighting your requests and concerns.

Second: Your vehicle is inspected to ascertain its current condition, at which time we address your concerns and prioritize your needs !

Third: A repair estimate is prepared, which includes an explanation of all the work, categorized to its severity, all parts and supplies required to complete the work. We then contact you and go over the estimate, if needed you are invited to visit the shop to meet with a technician who can answer your questions, and to go through your estimate with you. It is our goal to make sure that you are informed of your vehicles current condition!

Fourth: You will be asked to authorize your repair estimate in total, which then becomes a work order with a authorization amount, delivery date and pick up time. Only now will the agreed-on work begin. Should something unexpected arise, which could alter the authorization amount, or delivery date. You will be contacted again to be updated and if needed, a new authorization taken. Please be aware that estimates over $1000.00 require a 50% deposit at authorization. 



All our parts are backed up by manufacture warranties. Plus our own service commitment, ask for details.

Methods of Payment 

  • Cash
  • Visa
  • Master Card
  • Interac Debt
  • Email Transfer