In the fall of 1985 Performance Cycle and Auto was founded by Mike Briggs. He had a desire to own his own business. Being a licensed motor mechanic and having raced motorcycles during the 70's and Early 80's, plus he was working on customized vans and pick up trucks, A repair garage was a natural choice, In January of 1986 he opened his business, He had always intended to offer both motorcycle and automotive services, but due to a limited budget, he began with motorcycles and the odd automobile, but after the first two winters, it was apparent that something had to be done, "one cannot live on motorcycle's alone",  So he changed locations, purchased new equipment, and added complete automotive service to the business. Mike under stood one thing, in order to control the quality, and live up to the trust that his clients had in him, as much work as possible must be done in house, and he must have control over the process from start to finish, so over the years he developed a system of procedures and inspections, gathered tools and equipment to compliment the services that he offered, enabling the company to control its end product. He persevered for many years and today the business continues as a Motorcycle and Automotive Service Repair Center, dedicated to providing the highest level of workmanship, delivering a quality product on time and on budget. Never forgetting the relationships that are built with his customers, is what sets them apart from the competition. Today they specialize in all models of domestic / import cars and trucks and Japanese motorcycles.
Performance Cycle and Auto, "Good Old-Fashioned Service"

Mike Briggs - Licensed Automotive Motor Mechanic, Licensed Motorcycle Technician

The Staff Members
Sean Kao - Licensed Motorcycle Technician
Chris Briggs - Licensed Automotive Service Technician
Pat Hollies - Administration / Marketing
Karen Brown -  Accounting




           Chris Briggs                              Mike Briggs                               Sean Kao                           Dom Montandon